How To Put Your Name Next To The Time On A Mac

Placing your name beside the clock located at the top right corner of your Mac’s screen is not so hard.

When your name is shown in your Mac’s menu bar, it’s not only cool but also makes you know if you are logged on as another person you share your Mac with or as yourself.

At the right side of the clock, by default, the Mac’s username does not display. One has to by himself/herself put it on. Here’s a way to go about it.

  • Pick system Preferences under the Apple menu
  • Select Users and Groups
  • Select Login Options (by the nether left of Users and Groups’ preference panel)

The Login Options have some options on its right side which may be grey meaning the panel must be unlocked as it’s locked.

It can be unlocked by inputting your user’s password after selecting the lock at the nether left of the Users & Groups preference panel.

Your task is nearly accomplished; Tick the box beside “Show Fast User Switching Menu as” and afterward select an option to the right from the menu. Your last and first name will go into the “Full name” box.

A shorter name probably your first name alone (or your last name and first name), lower case, no spaces at all is best for your “Account name”.

 You will notice the outcome of your pick when you peruse your menu bar.

Due to the preciousness of the space of the menu bar, you might desire to stick with just the icon but more preferably the briefer “account name”. Displaying the icon or your name is merely beautifying for a one-user Mac.

For multiple-users Mac, displaying one’s name is informative since it displays who is signed in and also time-saving because selecting the icon (or the name) supplies a list of users and one can sign in with anyone of them by picking them and putting the appropriate password.

During the time you are up there, you might desire to personalise the time and date display too.

If you access the Apple menu, System Preference, Date and Time and thereafter “Clock” respectively, you will be presented with a number of options.

Personally, where space is compressed on menu bars, to save space I employ the analog clock. I love to display days of the week along the date and in digital format the time.

 I do not approve of flashing time separators. It distracts as the eyes are drawn to them subconsciously.

Bonus tip: You can add your name to the time’s left side by holding down Command key, selecting in menu bar your name, then dragging to place your name.

 To do this, before selecting, the Command key must be held down