Author’s Profile

Jay O’Leary writes on Microsoft products and how to use them better. He is one of the topmost bloggers in the UK.

He has reviewed almost every Windows Operating Systems. His review of the Windows 98 system is still regarded by experts to be one of the most accurate reviews of the system to date.

He also acts as a consultant and IT experts for all Microsoft products.

He has helped a lot of individuals and companies use their window products to do better work, in less time, and to have more excitement doing the work.

Jay is a certified Microsoft technician and he has hundreds of satisfied client reviews to prove this.

Other than Microsoft systems, he also occasionally dabbles in Linux and Mac OS systems however, his first love will always remain Microsoft Windows.

Outside his business life, Jay runs a 6 to 12 pub around a secluded Chelsea street corner. He is not the worst bartender either.

He lives and works in London.