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How To Put Your Name Next To The Time On A Mac

Placing your name beside the clock located at the top right corner of your Mac’s screen is not so hard. ..

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Get The Latest Snapchat Version On Your PC Or Laptop Instantly!

Social media applications are on a booming stage and are performing extremely well on all gadgets whatsoever it may be. Whether youngsters or even elders, everyone is surely in love with the great social connect, amazing benefits and uniqueness which they provide in terms of content, graphics, impressiveness and a lot more. Today, Snapchat has become one such growing application which has got uncountable lovers all across the globe. Whether it’s Android or iOS devices, you must have definitely used the app on both. But, have you tried its amazing filters and other plug-ins on your laptop or computer? If not, then here are some simple steps that will help you to get your Snapchat account on both your Pc and phone simultaneously so you can never run out of space and data!

Steps for downloading and installation of Snapchat

This method is not going to be something new for you. A lot of people have already used the android emulator to get the various apps wherever they want. And now it’s your turn to use it and get Snapchat on board. So here are the major steps that you need to follow!

  • Open the web browser and go to the official site of any emulator. There are several of these like BlueStacks, Nox App player etc that can eventually help you in fulfilling the task.
  • As soon as you have got the respective emulator and its official website or installer, you now just have to download it and get a copy of it. You just need to make sure that there is a stable internet connection, as the speed may actually be painful and take a lot of time. You will find the below download button for instant access of the same.
  • Now, as the download process gets completed, you should run the installer and then select a folder within which you would require the emulator to get installed.
  • As you are done with the installation, you will find its icon shortcut upon desktop then double click and launch the emulator. Skip all the instructions and the details that you will get on how to start using it in the first go.
  • As the instructions are done and everything is over, you will be then directed to an interface that is pretty similar to that of Android devices. Just enter into it and look up for the play store, and then tap upon it.
  • As, here in your PC or laptop, the play store will be launched for the very first time, you have to provide with the significant account details.

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8 Highlights Of Windows 10

After what seem like a lengthy interval, software giant, Microsoft has officially launched the novel version of Windows.

Expectedly the California-based company has come out – not with Windows 9 – but with Windows 10.

By naming the new version Windows 10, the company aims to make a statement that the new operating system (OS) is way more innovative than its immediate forerunner Windows 8.

Windows 10 has some new features and advancements on existing ones.

Therefore, Microsoft has decided to term it as the next generation operating system.

In this commentary, justice would be done in mentioning some of the highpoints of the new Microsoft Operating system.

Listed below is all you need to know about the much anticipated Windows 10.

One Operating System To Handle All

This software runs across all devices forms given its superior yet flexible design. Therefore it can be easily installed on laptops, desktops, tablets and even smartphones.

Start Menu

Unlike in Windows 8, this essential feature is present in this operating system.

Meanwhile the new feature combines the new look of Modern User Interface with the classic Windows 7 start menu. Thus it’s anticipated to give users a new experience.

Search Option

This feature present within the improved start menu presents the search results in a context-sensitive way as it performs both local and web searches.

Multiple Views

With a new task view button, users can trigger new views while using the windows 10 OS. With the press of a button, users can toggle between views with this interface.

Virtual Desktops

Although Microsoft gave no official word about this, it works like Mac OS X Linus and Expose’s multiple desktops.

This enables app developers to move apps from to cloud-based from traditional platforms with least efforts and remotely access the apps.

Better Touch Or Keyboard And Mouse Integration

Jarring effects on moving between touch and keyboard elements were present in Windows 8.

Windows 10 has similar effects that can also be seen on moving to mouse elements. Continuum as Microsoft tags it denotes better blend of diverse input methods.

Pricing And Availability

Microsoft has chosen to give Windows 10 OS away free to anyone who have gone for either software upgrades or have paid token fees at the time of purchase of the preceding Operating system version.

Smartphone Version

The software giant located in Silicon Valley had bought Nokia to augment its mobile business segment some years back.

To replace the default OS of Nokia, Microsoft has made Windows 10 available as Windows phone next major version.

Features That Get Lost After Windows 10 Installation

Microsoft came out with the official launch date of its cutting-edge operating system less than two years ago.

 The California-based software giant has made known all the novel improvements in the most recent OS dubbed Windows 10 for its prospective users’ benefits.

The Silicon Valley company in the wake of unveiling the improvements of the novel OS it has developed also released the system requirements for the new Operating system and certain features that will probably get lost following its installation in a function.

The interaction with the innovative tech-geeks also disclosed the way the new Windows 10 would perform while during the OS upgrade.

Windows 10 Feature Depreciation

During what was an expository interaction with columnists from several tech-oriented magazines, features that would be no more in the new operating system were duly highlighted by the officials of the software giant.

In this particular piece, attention is given to those features which are missing in the new OS when it’s critically compared with various editions of its forerunners – Windows 7 and Windows 8.

The new OS uses the software support from third-party sources in their places.

Windows Media Centre

Customers using Windows 7 Home Premium, Windows 7 Ultimate, Windows 7 Professional, Windows 8 Pro, and Windows 8.1 Pro would lose this feature upon migration.

To see a DVD content, they will have to put in a distinct playback software.

Floppy Disk

Customers using Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows NT, and Windows XP would be unable to use their computers’ floppy disk drives when they go for new version.

They will need to install extra drivers that detect these drives to make them work.

Desktop Gadgets

A Windows 7 feature. Upon moving to Windows 10, Windows 7 users will be missing the feature completely.

Games such as Solitaire, Hearts and Minesweeper would be replaced by Microsoft Minesweeper and Microsoft Solitaire Collection in the new OS.

Change in Windows Live Essential

Users would see that the OneDrive application has been replaced with the inbox version of OneDrive when they migrate to Windows 10 from lower operating system versions.

Speech Recognition

For speech recognition, Windows 10, the new OS requires a new hardware driver with exposed microphone array geometry and high fidelity microphone array.


From the very first day of upgrading to the new OS, users will miss out on Contana because Microsoft, for evaluation purpose released the new version of OS with this feature only in the US, France, the United Kingdom, Italy, China, Spain and Germany.

Two-factor Security Authentication

So as to make this feature functional, Windows 10 requires an illuminated infrared camera, a fingerprint reader, or a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi supported phone and a Personal Identification Number (PIN) because it does not support this feature directly.

Device Guard

This facility which only comes in Windows 8 OS is not seen in Windows 10 but with the help of certain third-party software installation, the utility can be added in the new operating system.

Biometric Recognition

This particular feature is supported by Windows 10 only when a specialized infrared sensor is accessible with Iris detection facility and a fingerprint reader that comes with Windows Biometric Network.

Why Microsoft Azure Is The Most Desirable For Enterprises

Microsoft Azure is a flexible cloud-computing program that allows organizations to develop, deploy and manage applications quickly via Microsoft-managed and its partner-hosted data centres.

 It has the ability to incorporate the current information technology environment with the public cloud applications and helps to build applications by means of any structure, language or tools.

Azure, according to Gartner, is presently the pre-eminent cloud platform for not only infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) but likewise platform-as-a-service (PaaS).

Various organizations and Information technology professionals in order to overcome on-premise server proficiencies are adapting to Azure technology due to the fact that it is one of the most efficient and effective cloud platforms with scalability and flexibility.

Here are a number of reasons that make Azure a preferred cloud solution too.

Effective Integration With Other Microsoft Tools

Azure is the best option for organizations that rely on Microsoft tools such as Outlook and Office 365 as it with these tools effectively integrates.

Lower Costs

As you only pay for what you use, Azure lowers costs upfront. There’s a reduction in cost of developing, testing, and disseminating web-based applications.

It thus helps to reduce CAPEX and profits you to enjoy the economies of scale from resource sharing.

Faster Time to Market

Azure helps to complete one’s application development in a fraction of time as one does not have to worry about the necessary platform or infrastructure.

One only have to focus on developing application functionalities thereby reducing time to market.

Increased Scalability

When using Azure, there is no need to worry about server capacity because of increase in app usage.

One can add additional capacity or move virtual hard disks between on-premises and cloud servers to ensure smooth running of one’s app.

Simplified Data Storage

Azure’s Import/Export feature helps to move in and out of Blob storage as required unstructured text and binary data such as audio, images and video which are best and easily stored as Binary Large Objects (Blobs).

Reliability, Compliance and Security

To certify obedience with regulative requirements and also manage risks, Microsoft’s Online Services Security maintains the security control framework and introduces policies and programs to this effect.


All of the above-mentioned benefits can be achieved in a short time by integrating into one’s information technology landscape Microsoft Azure.

The knowledge that cloud applications rarely stand-alone helps incorporate industry-proven methods and ensures you obtain Microsoft Azure’s benefits in a highly cost-effective way.